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Fluffy Announcement Script




Reporters surround FLUFFY as camera strobes flash. A roar of questions are being shouted. He points to a reporter, the shouting and camera flashes come to a lull.



You’ve just done the biggest show of your career. What’s next? 


Fluffy smirks and opens his mouth to speak…





We hear the epic sounds of a mariachi band playing The Final Countdown. In the middle of the desert, a Honey-wagon trailer door is kicked open from the inside revealing Fluffy in the doorway. The door opens too hard and swings back shut on him. Music cuts out. We hold for a beat on the closed door. He opens the door normally and the music cuts back in. He’s wearing the iconic Evil Knievel jumpsuit with a flowing cape. His chihuahuas are dressed in matching jumpsuits walking on either side of him.

Sauntering towards camera, he removes his sunglasses and tosses them aside to put on his helmet. He approaches a motorcycle that’s clearly too small for him. Fluffy kicks the engine to life and gets on the bike.  Suddenly, the background begins to magically move on its own. A semi truck beeps in reverse as it pulls away with an advertisement for an off roading Volkswagen, revealing that Fluffy is not actually in the desert but in a parking lot. From the edge of the parking lot it’s revealed that there are two ramps on either side of a massive stadium.


The crowd of onlookers cheer in excitement as Fluffy squints his eyes and stares down the coned path in front of him. He revs his bike and burns rubber with the tires.

Fluffy takes off in pursuit of the ramp. Cones are flying out from behind him as he races as fast as he can. His eyes are confident and locked on the ramp as he approaches it at full speed. From his perspective, the world is a blur and the ramp is speeding closer and closer to him. Just as Fluffy approaches the ramp everything goes into slow motion as he climbs to the top of the ramp.


We see an extreme wide shot of Fluffy mid air arching over the massive stadium yelling in excitement. Smoke trailing from the tailpipe is showing the arch of his trajectory. We see a close up of Fluffy’s windy face yelling in excitement.


From the inside field, Fluffy is flying over the tops of the stadium seats. Tour dates/ stadium names fill the screen as he soars over them. Possibly a ‘presented by…’ after.




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